D+5 — London, OH, to McLean, VA

We’re not “home” yet. We still have to move in.

But we’re in the neighborhood. And tomorrow we’ll finish this.

The south-eastern corner of Ohio, a tiny sliver of West Virginia, southern Pennsylvania, and Maryland provided some scenery.

Much of today was a winding, hilly road. 

The bonus?


As you descend toward the Dumbest Interstate Design Decision Ever — the I-70 clusterf**k known as Breezewood — the traffic picks up while the road gains turns and twists. Check the date; we’re doing this on the Sunday after a long 4th of July weekend. So. The traffic was predictable. 

The Breezewood Interchange drops you off I-70 Pennsylvania Turnpike toll road onto US-30. You have traffic lights and what-not. The world’s biggest truck-stop. And then back onto I-70 freeway. Some claim an obscure law made this somehow necessary, but that’s only half the story. The law was an excuse to do the wrong thing while claiming a budget win. See https://www.outsidethebeltway.com/everybody-hates-breezewood-pennsylvania/ for some details.

Tomorrow at 08:00 we can start moving in to our apartment. Once the truck is empty, the trip will be complete.

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