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The Building Skills Books

Building Skills in Python:

Building Skills in Object-Oriented Design:

Building Skills in Programming:

Other Publications

SD Journal Python Starter Kit August 19, 2013, “Python, Web Security and Django”.

Dr. Dobbs Portal April 26, 2006, “Database Design: How Table Normalization Can Improve Performance”. []

Dr. Dobbs Journal May 2005, “Processing Rows in Batches”, with Robert Lucente. []

Multilingual Computing #53 Volume 14 Issue 1, “Proving a Concept”, with Robert Lucente.

A 1000-word article on a capsize that appeared in the Buccaneer Class Association Newsletter February of 2003.

S.Lott - Software Architect – A blog with about 300 hits per day.

Professional Writing

I have been a professional computer consultant for over 30 years. That’s a lot of technical writing.

  • Dozens of proposals for consulting services.
  • Scores of reports and presentations on technical topics for customers, vendors, and internal management.
  • Numerous formal talks and presentations at conferences and professional meetings.
  • Six curricula for intensive week-long technical training courses in programming, databases and operating systems.
  • Hundreds of pages of user guides, reference manuals and specifications for business application software.
date:March 14, 2015

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