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I got my open water certification in June of 1993 from SSI. I’ve been diving all over since then. In the Caribbean: Bahamas, St. Maarten, Saba, Bonaire, BVI. The east coast of the U. S.: Florida, Maine, Massachusetts. The west coast: Monterey. And the cold, clear lakes of New York: Lk. George, Skaneateles, Sacandaga, Green Lake. Well okay, Sacandaga is the color of strong tea and silty, but the others are outstanding.

Trip Reports. Why bother? you might ask. For a long time, I read every trip report on rec.scuba. It helped me set my expectations and plan successful trips to Bahamas, Bonaire, BVI, and other destinations. I owe it to the other members of rec.scuba to post similar high-quality trip reports.

Photos and videos:


On-line Dive Log?

Why bother? you might ask. I used to keep my log in an Apple Hypercard stack. It’s easy to unwind the stack as an HTML file or a CSV file. So, for an hour of development time, I have an on-line extract of my dive log Hypercard stack.

Since Hypercard went away, I was reduced to a spreadsheet. (<sniff>)

Other SCUBA Stuff

General rec.scuba news group. Plus the rec.scuba FAQ.

The rec.SCUBA.locations news group.

The Florida SCUBA site.

My local dive shop, Diving Discovery, which is associated with Middle Keys Scuba on Marathon Key. Sue P. taught my son to dive.

I also use Capitaland Scuba Center; they taught my daughter to dive.

The shop where I got certified, NAS, in Syracuse, NY, is a very friendly place. Mike and Russ and Jerry (the owner) are a great bunch.

A link to diving resources in the Capital District of NY.

Some of my dive gear manufacturers:

  • Citizen Aqualand Dive Watch. Nice watch but what a lame, useless, “Brochure-ware” web site.
  • Scubapro Mask, BC & Regs
  • US Divers Knife

SCUBA Locations

Places I’ve been diving in my career:

  • Skaneateles Lake (with NAS in Syracuse, NY)
  • Lake George (with Scuba University in Ballston Spa, NY)
  • Sacandaga Lake (don’t bother – it was opaque)
  • Green Lakes State Park (once only, for an underwater cleanup)
  • The Bahamas (with Unexso)
  • St. Maartin & Saba
  • Bonaire (call 1-800-U-BONAIRE for the tourism board; the Bonaire .ORG site)
  • Florida (with Diving Discovery, Marathon Key, FL)
  • Monterey, California
  • The St. Lawrence River (near A-Bay)
  • Tortola (with UBS Dive Center).

My own research on visiting:

These are some other location links:

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