Star Island Anchorage

Started: Coconut Grove near Dinner Key Marina, 25°42.92′N 080°13.63′W

Anchored: Star Island 25°46.56′N 080°09.25′W

Log: 8.5 nm. Time: 2¾ hr. Engine: 1½  hr.


Our weekly daysail took us up to Star Island. We dropped the anchor near Perfect Partner and Tulum III.

We had some excellent tacks in 10-15 kts of breeze. We could sail with Main, Yankee and Stays’l, banging along at over 6 kts in the puffs.

We were able to smoothly come about without any problems. Good breeze. Flat sea state. A bit more experience with Red Ranger

Then it started to rain.


And we got close to downtown Miami that sailing didn’t seem prudent. 

Too bad it was so gray; the pictures of Miami aren’t very interesting.

Too bad I don’t have the cool polarizing filter than Kayda has; maybe I could turn the grey clouds into dramatic highlights.

In spite of my photographic failures, it was a delightful sail. It’s good to get off the mooring ball.

© Steven Lott 2020