Some Goodbyes

Today three Whitbys (and a Beneteau) started from the Bahamas. Without us. <sniff/>


Joie de Vivre, Dream Ketcher, Creola and `Tis Good are on their way across the Gulf Stream. Weather today is pretty sporty, but the wind is out of the S. Wind that goes with the Gulf Stream means that the ocean will be relatively flat. 

Their plan is to depart at something like 0100 so that they arrive around 10:00 in Bimini. They can check in and then push through the Baham bank doing another 14 hours overnight for an early arrival in Nassau. 


Tonight, they should have SSW Winds, 5-10 kt; tomorrow they’ll have WSW winds 5-7 kts, seas around 2’: delightful conditions.

We’re staying in Coconut Grove for a few more weeks.

And yes, that’s a Portugese Man O’War not a proper jellyfish, actually a cnidarian. A very weird thing that lives in the ocean. Very weird.

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